Team Daksha of MIT Created History

Team Daksha of MIT Created History

12th Oct, 2018 by gopystar Ajithkumar


A few months ago we had a news reported Thala Ajith has been appointed as the UAV System Adviser and Test Pilot by MIT to create advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as part of Medical Express 2018 UAV Challenge Competition. A final round going to take place in September in Queensland, Australia.

Ajith has been a consultant for team Daksha emerged as the winner of Medical Express 2018 Challenge. Team Daksha build an unmanned drone that can fly non-stop for 6hr and 7mins. drone using a smartphone or laptop for navigation control which will be more accurate than normal control and another advancement is drone converts petrol as a source of energy.

Team Daksha said drone can be used as an air ambulance to transport medical samples. Good news Ajith fans after a long time.